Ancient Amazonian tribes made fermented drinks out of this fruit to increase their lust. Surprisingly, centuries after colonial times, modern communities still pay tribute to its properties. Approach her, seduce her, mix it with your beverage and feel its power.

Oil 50ml

Now we need to talk about “The Chontaduro Dance”, a dance held by ancient Amazonian tribes that celebrate the spirit of the eternal spring of the most magnificent jungle of the world. Prepare to dance all night when rubbing this oil while pleasing more than one woman at a time.

Oil 12ml

Amazonian tribes believed that there was an inner spirit in this fruit called "Chontaduro", it was said that it could only be freed by cooking it with wood fire. Let Chontaduro take over your body and soul when rubbing this oil and please women like never before.


If you were dreaming of a warm massage, the Chontaduro spirit has answered your calls, get your girlfriend to apply this wax on your skin; gently or roughly, as you please.


The legendary Chontaduro

"Nature's Viagra", "The Fruit of the Forbidden Love", "The Bed-Breaker", Chontaduro's aphrodisiac qualities has earn it many names, but nothing compares the experience of women after their men try it: "It's a nuclear bomb, awakens the dead and puts them to work". To produce a single bottle of She Shou Tao oil, we have to go deep into one of the most recondite jungles in the North of South America, overcome the sixties feet of height of dozens of peach palms, while avoiding thousands of four-inches spikes that coated the trunk. No wonder why ancient tribes called it "The Forbidden Fruit".